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A system of distributed video game apparatus are capable of exhibiting an interactive single identity game. In one embodiment there is provided a distributed game system comprising a plurality of video game apparatus, selectively interlinkable to form a homogenous single identity game or as a peer game in the single identity system. The function of each video game apparatus can be defined at the start of game play. Each video game apparatus has a user input device, and can have its own video display, or a master video display can be provided for the whole system. As a single identity game system, each display, or the master display, can display the composite display resulting from the totality of peer game interaction. Alternatively, the display can provide individual peer game information. Individual peer game information can be communicated either globally or individually to and from selected one of the peer games. The system can provide for generating global and individual peer game displays to the selected display device. A communications manager can provide for interaction of remotely located individual game apparatus.

Video game network
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September 30, 1982
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February 25, 1986
David H Sitrick
820 Burchell Ave., Highland Park, 60035
A63F 9/22
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