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An airflow cover for controlling the body temperature of a patient covers a portion of the patient's body and provides a generalized thermal bathing of the covered portion through the delivery of a temperature controlled gas mixture to the covered portion. The cover is formed from a series of inflatable tubes which are joined together in a parallel array having an upper surface facing away from the patient's body and an oppositely directed lower surface which faces the covered portion of the patient's body. An entry port is provided through the upper surface and into one tube, transverse ports open between the tubes, and exit ports are formed in the lower surface. A thermally controlled gas mixture is introduced through the entry port, circulates in the tubes by means of the transverse ports and inflates the tubes, and exits through the exit ports in the direction of the covered body portion to provide the desired thermal bathing.

Airflow cover for controlling body temperature
Application Number
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March 5, 1984
Publication Date
February 25, 1986
Douglas J Augustine
414 Washington St., Sandstone, 55072
Scott D Augustine
4761 Olive St., San Diego, 92105
Brown Martin & Haller
A71F 7/00
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