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Structural systems and method are employed including a multiplicity of computers to control the acquisition and enhancement of skilled performance or behavior. Preprocessing computers (8 and 24) each accept signals from any corresponding one of a variety of physiological or other signal transducers either in close proximity to the computer or transmitted to the computer via a telemetering system. The preprocessing computer calculates a number of different measures of this signal and makes the results known to one or more other computers. These other or auxiliary computers control presentation of a display of the data for a human observer, and perform additional calculations which determine if the processed data is within a predetermined range. This range may be a function of time and/or other variables. A measure of the error between the allowed range and the processed data is computed within these auxiliary computers. These results may be used to alter the display. They are also returned to the preprocessing computer where they may alter the preprocessing calculations. Alteration of the display and the preprocessing calculations are adapted to improve skilled performance and behavior without the intervention of a human operator other than the user.

System and method for skill enhancement and behavior modification
Application Number
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August 22, 1983
Publication Date
February 18, 1986
Joseph Brudny
New York
Gordon Silverman
New York
Computerized Sports Equipment
G06F 15/16
G06F 15/42
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