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A spacer guide for utilization in total knee surgery for establishing size of prosthesis and position of cuts for total knee replacement surgery includes a generally L-shaped base member for attachment to the anterior femoral cortex of a prepared femur with a generally L-shaped adjustable support member adjustably secured to the base support member and a vertically positionable indicator slide having a squaring jig for cooperative engagement and alignment with the cutting head of a tibia alignment and resection guide for squaring the tibia and femur and including indicator means for indicating the position of a tibia plateau cut and indicating the size and positioning for a distal femoral cut for indicating the sizing of both the tibial and femoral prostheses.

Flexion spacer guide for fitting a knee prosthesis
Application Number
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Application Date
January 6, 1983
Publication Date
February 4, 1986
Thomas D Petersen
9680 Alto Dr., La Mesa, 92041
Sherman & Shalloway
A61F 5/04
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