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An improved wall bracket and kit for making such a bracket for hair dryers and like small electrical appliances is disclosed which uses two plastic coated malleable wire bracket members that can be hand-bent to the desired shape to receive any one of many different shapes to receive any one of many different sized and shaped appliances. One wire member is longer than the other and has a performed U-shaped end loop for hanging the appliance electric cord looped over it. In one embodiment of the bracket and kit, the wire members are mountable in a two-part base that is also a cover plate for an electrical power outlet (e.g., that is commonly next to a bathroom sink) so that the hair dryer can be conveniently stored in an accessible place. In a second embodiment, the base is generally circular and mounted by either a central screw and/or adhesive. In both of these embodiments, the bases have a front and back portion that define T-shaped hollows that closely receive the ends bent into an elbow of the wire members, the longer wire member being seated selectively in either of the T-shaped hollows upon assembly so as to be on the right or left side of the base. Modifications are further disclosed that are mounted to a wall by a screw or into a pegboard.

Small appliance wall bracket
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June 1, 1984
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January 28, 1986
Mary F Bishop
P.O. Box 21, Michigan City, 46360
Robert J Meska
P.O. Box 21, Michigan City, 46360
Richard G Kinney
F16M 13/00
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