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A trash farming implement is provided with a plurality of tillage assemblies on an implement, each tillage assembly having a tillage disc arranged to rotate about an axis which is inclined slightly from the vertical both in end elevation and in side elevation so that it slopes upwardly and forwardly in the direction of travel, and also a soil replacing disc which has an axis of rotation which is nearly horizontal but slopes upwardly towards the tillage disc to which it is adjacent, the disc being so located that a furrow cut by the tillage disc will be filled by replacement of the lifted soil to its original position.

Trash farming means and method
Application Number
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May 5, 1983
Publication Date
January 7, 1986
Gordon F Leiblich
P.O.Box 157, Kimba, South Australia
Bert J Lewen
Henry Sternberg
A01B 21/08
A01C 7/20
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