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An endoscope is disclosed which comprises: an insertion section having a flexible tube which is inserted into a body cavity and deflected or bent in the desired direction and a distal end portion coupled to the flexible tube; and a control section which is controlled by the operator such as a doctor. In the control section are disposed a motor which is reversible in response to switching operation of switches manually pressed by the operator and a motor-driven bending mechanism including a drum and an angulation wire to angulate or deflect the flexible tube. The angulation wire extends within the insertion section such that the distal end of the angulation wire is secured to a portion near the distal end portion of the flexible tube. Since the motor changes a rotational torque in accordance with the switching operation of the switch, the deflection speed of the flexible tube is changed.

Endoscope apparatus with motor-driven bending mechanism
Application Number
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February 15, 1985
Publication Date
December 24, 1985
Syuichi Takayama
Olympus Optical
A61B 1/06
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