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Apparatus for sequentially dispensing a plurality of solutions through an intravenous supply catheter includes a disposable tubing manifold that is connected to each of the solutions to be administered. Flow of solution through the branches of the tubing manifold is stopped by valves mounted upon a manifold plate which engage each branch. The quantity of solution dispensed is metered by a volumetric infusion pump and controlled by sequentially opening and closing the valves individually. Electronically operable motors or solenoids are connected to each valve for automatically opening and successively closing each valve. A sequencer-timer in accordance with a predetermined program such as from a program card, controls the automatic energization and successive de-energization of each motor, one at a time and successively energizes additional motors for intermittent individual operation through a preselected cycle of machine operation.

Apparatus for controlling administration of multiple intravenous solutions and medications
Application Number
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Application Date
December 14, 1983
Publication Date
December 17, 1985
Richard E Wunsch
207 Circle Dr., Traverse City, 49684
Cullen Sloman Cantor Grauer Scott & Rutherford
A61M 5/14
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