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The invention relates to a bi-axial support of a rotatable body in a projectile for supporting said body such that it can perform small tilting motions about two mutually perpendicular axes lying in a plane, which is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the projectile. The support consists of a spherical or partly spherical bearing body introduced into a correspondingly spherical cup-shaped recess in a projectile-fixed part having the open end directed forwards in the motion direction of the projectile. The spherical bearing body is retained in the recess by means of two pairs of link arms defining two virtual tilting axes for the bearing body and connected to two output shafts such that a tilting motion of the body about the respective virtual axis results in a rotation of the respective output shaft and vice versa. When firing the projectile the spherical surface of the bearing body comes in metallic contact with the spherical surface of the recess, whereby the support can withstand very high acceleration forces in any direction.

Bi-axial supporting arrangement which can withstand high acceleration forces
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November 12, 1982
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December 10, 1985
Johan P Str o m
J/a/ rf/a/ lla
Robert S Smith
U S Philips Corporation
H01Q 3/08
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