04557255 is referenced by 160 patents and cites 7 patents.

A ureteroscope for carrying out surgical procedures in the lower ureter area under direct visual control. The ureteroscope includes a sheath having a main portion which is dimensioned to be received in the urethra so that it extends into the urinary bladder, a tapered portion which extends from the main portion and a terminal portion which is dimensioned to be received in the ureter. The ureteroscope also includes a telescope assembly which extends through the sheath and is operable for viewing the area of the ureter adjacent the distal end of the sheath. Remotely operable jaws are provided in one embodiment of the device for retrieving stones and the like, and another embodiment is constructed for use in combination with a variety of appliances for carrying out various surgical procedures in the ureter.

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August 22, 1983
Publication Date
December 10, 1985
Tobias M Goodman
Passpataug Rd., Weekapaug, 02891
Salter & Michaelson
A61B 1/30
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