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Improved artificial intraocular lenses for surgical implantation to replace a damaged natural lens in an otherwise functional eye of a patient are described; the improvement comprising forming the lens, so as to have a minimum diameter of about 2 mm and a maximum diameter of about 5 mm prior to implantation, which is less than the diameter of the natural lens, from a dry, solid, hydrophilic material capable of being hydrated by the natural fluid in the eye to expand after implantation to provide an optically correct lens having a suitable diameter from about 6 mm to about 14 mm, to permit implantation of the lens through an incision of minimal length corresponding to the diameter of the dry lens and thus restoring the vision of the patient with minimal trauma. The invention also includes the improved method of implantation through an incision of minimal length.

Artificial intraocular lenses and method for their surgical implantation
Application Number
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August 4, 1983
Publication Date
December 10, 1985
Steven B Siepser
119 Devon Rd., Paoli, 19301
Eugene E Renz Jr
A61F 1/16
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