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Cereal grains having a moisture content of about 30% by weight are made into masa by radiating with infrared radiation until partially gelatinized. Thereafter, they are ground to a meal. If it is desired to dehusk the grains, this is done by agitating an aqueous slurry as by repeated pumping and surface drying and aspirating the husk before radiation. After radiation, any remaining husks are separated by cracking the radiated grain, sizing the cracked grain, and separating the husks from each size. Some grains may be dehusked by only the cracking, sizing, and separation steps. A variation of masa is made from a mixture of corn with husks and milo without husks.

Cereal processing
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April 9, 1984
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November 26, 1985
Edwin R Hart
Box 5184, Richardson, 75080
Wendell Coffee
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