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Inhibition of cardiac arrhythmias such as tachycardia and fibrillation is achieved by determining a refractory period after a selected heartbeat during which a stimulus applied to the heart will not propagate a heart response, determining a time within the refractory period after the selected heartbeat for the application of one or more electrical pulses to the heart to inhibit arrhythmic beats, determining a voltage of the electrical pulse as a function of the time which will inhibit the arrhythmic beats, and applying the electrical pulse to an area of the heart at the determined time to inhibit the arrhythmic beats. A plurality of electrical pulses may be employed having various voltage levels related to the times at which they are applied during the refractory period. One or more electrical pulses may be applied after the refractory period, each having a voltage providing a current less than a threshold current which would propagate a heart response.

Method of inhibiting cardiac arrhythmias
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September 30, 1982
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November 26, 1985
Douglas P Zipes
2113 Brewster Rd., Indianapolis, 46260
Eric N Prystowsky
9013 Sweetbay Ct., Indianapolis, 46260
Barnes & Thornburg
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