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A tool pack assembly for the drawing and ironing of containers wherein the ironing and guiding dies are movably mounted for automatic centering thereof to regain axial realignment thereof with the axis of the provided punch should such disc shift from alignment. The assembly includes a redraw dye or ring to receive the blanked container and associated support and ram with the ironing dies being spaced therefrom for ironing of the container as the same is driven therepast by movement of the ram. Ironing dies are mounted for radial floatation within a housing, and biasing means are spaced peripherally thereabout to bring the ironing dies and guides into axial relationship with the ram. The assembly further includes a stripper die assembly for removal of the finally formed container which die is similarly radially floatable and similarly biased to bring the die into axial relationship with the container and container driving punch. A primary aspect of the invention is to provide a self-centering tool assembly to correct any jambing of the unit which may have occurred during the ironing process.

Tool pack assembly
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September 21, 1983
Publication Date
November 26, 1985
Gale F Weishalla
Maple Grove
James R Cwayna
Pride Machine
B21D 22/00
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