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An information monitoring and notification method and apparatus is provided which may monitor many forms of changing data input, such as market and stock market information, and notify a user or users in near real time of the occurrence of identified events of interest. The system and method require no affirmative monitoring or interrogation by the user, and require no specialized equipment to be in the possession of individual users. Intelligence is provided permitting adaptive monitoring of the input data, maximizing the efficiency and reliability of the user contact and notification. Notification is made, for example, via the telephone utility directly to the user by means of a voice synthesized message.

Information monitoring and notification method and apparatus
Application Number
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May 16, 1983
Publication Date
November 19, 1985
Frank C Toy
211 Chelsea Cir., Lake Villa, 60046
Willian Brinks Olds Hofer Gilson & Lione
H04M 1/274
H04M 11/00
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