04551311 is referenced by 70 patents and cites 14 patents.

A sterilizer container comprising a lower base portion, cover, and an intermediate cover which is installed in a sealing manner on the inwardly drawn edge of the lower base portion. The cover includes an overlapping flange. A flow passage, leading to a tortuous path, is defined by the overlapping flange of the cover and the inwardly drawn edge of the lower base portion. The exchange of fluent media between the interior and the exterior of the container takes place through the flow passage and the tortuous path. The intermediate cover is connected with the cover in a detachable manner and has perforations in its middle segment which are covered by a filter. This filter is pushed against the peripheral segment of the intermediate cover by means of a sealing ring which is supported by the cover. The intermediate cover can be provided with valves effective in two directions in place of perforations whereby an equalization of pressure is possible. In this case, the filter is omitted.

Sterilizer container
Application Number
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Application Date
November 16, 1982
Publication Date
November 5, 1985
Jurgen W Lorenz
Robert D Yeager
Georg Wagner KG
B65D 51/16
A61L 2/06
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