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A perfume dispenser has compartments for separately storing a plurality of liquid perfumes each of a different fragrance, a selector device which enables any one liquid perfume or any combination of liquid perfumes to be selected for dispensing through an outlet of the dispenser and an actuating device operable to cause the release of a quantity of the selected liquid perfume or perfumes into a mixing chamber and from the chamber to said outlet. The actuating device includes a depressable cap which carries an outlet nozzle through which the selected perfume or combination of perfumers may be dispensed and a tubular member of resilient material is provided to conduct the selected perfume or combination of perfumes to the outlet nozzle this tubular member also providing a resilient force against which the cap is depressed when it is desired to actuate the dispenser to dispense the selected perfume or mixture of perfumes from the outlet nozzle.

Perfume dispenser
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March 7, 1983
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October 29, 1985
Girair H Alticosalian
27, Beaufort Rd., Ealing, London, W.5
Brisebois & Kruger
B65D 83/00
B67D 83/00
B67D 5/52
B67D 5/22
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