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A shoe with an ankle protector comprising a support panel along the lateral aspect or outwardly facing side of a shoe securely fastened to the shoe along the bottom edge of the support panel which extends from about mid-heel forwardly to the point on the shoe which is adjacent the distal joint of the wearer's fifth metatarsal, and an inelastic or non-stretchable strap extending from the rear edge of the support panel around the back of the shoe at an upwardly inclined angle, then forwardly across the upper part of the shoe along the medial aspect or inwardly facing side adjacent the medial malleolus of the tibia portion of the wearer's ankle, then around the front portion of the shoe and downwardly for connection of the strap to a forward portion of said support panel. The strap is adjustable after the shoe is put on to draw it up tightly against the inwardly facing side of the wearer's ankle at the medial malleolus of the tibia portion thereof to prevent inversion or turning in of the foot thereby preventing ankle sprains which result from such inversion or internal rotation of the ankle.

Shoe with ankle protector
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April 27, 1984
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October 22, 1985
William Kauth
417 Bradley La., Normal, 61761
William Thais
Rte. 2, Box 2, Dwight, 60420
Ernest Kettelson
A43B 5/00
A43B 7/20
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