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An inflatable article, having a pair of gas impervious sheets which are heat welded together at their edges to form an envelope and are provided with parallelly spaced apart longitudinal first seams to define a plurality of air compartments between the pair of sheets, is provided with a reforming and reinforcing outer inflatable multiple-compartmented unit formed, on the wall of the envelope, by heat-sealing an additional outer sheet to one of the pair of gas impervious sheets at the edge portions and at the lines which lie between each two of the first longitudinal seams to form second seams whereby the article will achieve a stronger and stiffer construction and the acute fused edge portions thereof can be reformed by the expanded superimposed inflatable outer units adjacent to the edge portions.

Inflatable article with reforming and reinforcing structure
Application Number
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February 17, 1983
Publication Date
October 22, 1985
Cheng Chung Wang
7th Fl., No. 37, An-Ho Rd., Taipei
McGlew and Tuttle
F41H 1/04
A41D 13/10
A47C 27/08
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