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An improved method and apparatus for identifying and verifying the proper airing of television broadcast programs is disclosed wherein from the television broadcast, it can be assured that the programs were televised and received properly and aired at the scheduled time. The invention disclosed utilizes prerecorded or live video programs in which imprinted on a preselected scanning line is a digital encoded identifying number. These video programs with digital encoding are then distributed to network and/or local broadcast stations to be televised with this identification. A plurality of selected aired television channels are then automatically simultaneously monitored at a typical reception site whereby the encoded broadcast is appraised as to the quality of its audio and video, identified and timed, and which information is then stored for a later comparison to that which was actually intended to be aired.

Method and apparatus for the automatic identification and verification of commercial broadcast programs
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March 21, 1983
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October 15, 1985
Burton L Greenberg
28 E. 10th St., New York, 10003
H04N 7/00
H04N 7/08
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