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An apparatus and method to compute the trajectory of a moving object by remote, non-interfering sensors. The particular application computes the trajectory of a pitched baseball throughout its flight, including the ball's trajectory as it passes in the vicinity of a three-dimensional strike zone. The apparatus includes two pairs of video cameras, an alignment mechanism, video-storage means, a digitizer, a computer, output devices, and an operator's console. This apparatus is required to identify the ball, compute its position in three dimensions as a function of time, compute ball speed trajectory, and present the output via computer graphics to present the viewer with essentially any desired view of the pitch.

Baseball-strike indicator and trajectory analyzer and method of using same
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August 13, 1983
Publication Date
October 8, 1985
Thomas M Harris
1 Lake, Irvine, 92714
Francis X LoJacono
A63B 71/06
A63B 71/02
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