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A rotary tiller apparatus includes a main support frame having a first member that is pivotal in a generally vertical direction and a second member that is pivotally attached to the first member and pivots in a generally horizontal direction. The rotary tiller apparatus is pivotally mounted on a vehicle, such as a tractor for removing weeds and the like between plants planted in rows. A first hydraulic cylinder is provided to pivot the first support member in the generally vertical direction. The first hydraulic cylinder is attached to the first support member at one end and to the tractor at the other end. A second hydraulic cylinder is positioned to pivotally move the second support member with one end of the second hydraulic cylinder being attached to the second support member and the other end of the hydraulic cylinder being attached to the first support member. A rotary tiller having a plurality of tiller teeth attached to a rotatable disk is mounted on an end of the first support member along with a hydraulic motor for rotating the disk and teeth. The tiller is mounted on an end of the second support member opposite from the hydraulic cylinder. Suitable controls are provided on the tractor to control the first and second hydraulic cylinders and the hydraulic motor of the tiller.

Rotary tiller apparatus and pivotal support structure therefor
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January 17, 1983
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October 1, 1985
Robert F Schonert
Star Rte. #9, Bismarck, 58501
Kinney & Lange
A01B 65/02
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