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In a swing-tilt fitting for mounting the wing of a window or door to its frame, an arresting means is provided which is operatively associated with the locking rod linkage which controls the operational mode of the wing. Since between every two of the three positions (closure, swinging, tilting) of the operating linkage a lost motion is present, the locking rod linkage can be utilized for actuating the arresting means. Said arresting means can be disposed either laterally between the wing and frame of a window or a door or between tilt shears and members disposed in the upper locking rod channel. The tilt position, which can be stepwise or infinitely variable, is secured by actuating the operating grip of the linkage out of the tilt position into one of the two other positions, closure or swinging. The tilt arrest is effected either by engagement of tooth members or by turning a brake member guided in a hollow rod.

Swing-tilt fitting for window or doors
Application Number
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June 14, 1983
Publication Date
September 17, 1985
Fritz Gartner
Benasutti and Murray
Josef Gartner & Co
E05D 15/52
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