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In a radiation coagulator having an electric incandescent lamp, in particular a tungsten-halogen low-voltage lamp, as radiation source, and a tissue contact element of a crystalline dielectric material transmissive to the radiation, forming a contact surface to be pressed against living body tissue, the temperature conductivity (reciprocal of the temperature resistance), the heat capacity of the contact element, possibly in combination with a heat sink attached thereto, is so great that the heat generated in the tissue in contact with said surface is derived in substantial measure from the tissue contact element. This prevents an over-rapid and over-intense temperature rise at the surface of the tissue, leading to a considerable improvement in coagulability, especially for severe parenchymatous hemorrhages, and to lessened adhesion to the contact surface, and permitting a gentle coagulation, extending into depth if desired. Besides, the tissue contact element is free from any exposed sharp edges that might cut into the tissue and injure it or cause an excessive concentration of radiation. A preferred material for the tissue contact element is monocrystalline sapphire; other suitable materials are beryllium or magnesium oxide, or monocrystalline quartz.

Apparatus for coagulation by heat radiation
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June 4, 1984
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September 10, 1985
Vincent Jaeger
Buchnerstrasse 9, Munchen
Albert Kreitmair
Deisenhofenerstr.79d, Munchen
Gunther Nath
Dr. Max-Strasse 76, Grunwld
Brumbaugh Graves Donohue & Raymond
A61B 17/38
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