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A box-like container typically used in the transportation of cargo by air having an improved door closure apparatus. The favored air cargo container has a base pallet having a front and rear hoop attached thereto, to which aluminum sheets are attached to enclose the container leaving one or more door openings. Each of the hoops consists of two corner posts and a top crosspiece member therebetween. A piece of fabric material sufficient to cover the door opening of the container is attached to the crosspiece member above the door opening. An elongate bar extends along the bottom width of the fabric material. Pins on the elongate bar will engage hooks on the corner posts. A pair of cables are attached at either end of the elongate bar below the pins and extend upward along and are attached to each side of the fabric material and then diagonally across the back of the fabric piece to the other end of the elongate bar. The door closure apparatus is secured by rotating the bottom bar to place the pins on the ends of the elongate bar under hooks on the corner posts on either side of the door opening. The bottom bar is then rotated back flush against the corner post pulling the side cables tight across the door opening and into a channel formed in the corner post. The door closure apparatus for this container combines the low cost and light weight of a fabric door covering with the strength and durability of a steel cable system.

Cargo container
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April 12, 1984
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September 3, 1985
Robert Looker
405 Toro Canyon Rd., Carpinteria, 93013
Lyon & Lyon
A47H 3/00
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