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A plastic grocery bag (34) with cut-out carrying handles (35) is held in an open condition from top of a common trash basket or container (32) by means of attachments (49) for the top of such container. In one embodiment, a pair of attachments (49) are provided, each bent in a configuration whereby it is arranged to snap over the top edge (44) of the container and provide a self-supporting function so that the attachment stands up from such edge. Each attachment has a pair of upstanding ears (42), or a single, wide, horizontal support (51), around which one handle of the plastic bag is placed. Alternatively, each wire attachment can be bent to provide hooks (65) at its ends which loop under and grasp the edge of the container. As another alternative, each attachment can be a single or metal bent strip (67)(or a pair of separate members (75)) with upstanding ears (66) and a snap-type slot (67) or a pair of thumbscrews (69). As a further alternative, the attachment can be a simple strip with securement by adhesives (105) or nuts and bolts (114). As a still further alternative, the attachment can be a bent endless loop or hoop of wire which is folded to have a U-shaped configuration when viewed from the side, with the legs of the "U" having unequal lengths, and which has two curved pressure portions (123) when viewed from its face, with one of the pressure portions (128) having a plurality of bends (124) therein so as to form a pair of rests which limit downward movement when said "U" is fitted over the edge of said container, whereby the bight portions of said "U" form a pair of support ears (126) which extend up from said container.

Trash container attachments for supporting plastic bags
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May 7, 1984
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August 20, 1985
Victor H Goulter
San Francisco
David Pressman
David Pressman
B65D 90/04
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