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A normally closed, one-way check valve having a body composed of two cylindrical containers which complement each other, each of said containers having a tubular projection with a liquid opening therethrough, one of said cylindrical chambers provided with a plurality of longitudinally extending ribs therealong for preventing sticking of a valve disc as contained within an assembled valve device, also further including a traverse bar for pressing against a valve disc. The other body component is provided with a pointed triangular support and also a plurality of radially extending ribs for preventing a valve disc from opening so far as to close off the egress port provided with said second element, together with a rubber resilient valve disc which is retained between the pointed triangular support and the traverse bar when the unit is assembled by sonic welding into a permanently assembled device. A further embodiment provides for a permanent dimple in the valve disc prior to assembly of the component elements, while a further embodiment provides a valve disc with an elongated groove or recess of somewhat oval shape for reception of the pointed triangular support member of the second body component.

Normally closed check valve
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May 24, 1984
Publication Date
August 20, 1985
Kenneth C Raines
Shoemaker and Mattare
Burron Medical
F16K 15/14
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