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A luminous gun sighting system for use with a conventional firearm for hunting nocturnal prey includes a light source mounted on the firearm. The light source has an opening for emitting light therefrom along a path. A power supply is provided for powering the light source. A circuit means is provided for selectively connecting and disconnecting the power supply and the light source. A lens assembly is positioned adjacent to the light emitting opening of the light source and has a colored lens which is movable between a closed position and an open position. In the closed position, the colored lens is positioned across the path of light emitted from the light source and in the opened position the colored lens is clear of the path of light emitting from the light source. The luminous gun sighting system also includes means for moving the lens assembly between the open and closed position. Front and rear gun sights are also provided which may be selectively lighted for use during low to non-existent ambient light conditions.

Luminous gun sighting system
Application Number
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Application Date
June 21, 1982
Publication Date
August 6, 1985
Lawrence S Hayes
263 Gates St., Andover, 44003
Watts Hoffmann Fisher & Heinke Co
F41G 1/34
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