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A rotor system for horizontal-axis wind turbines is provided having compound coning and a sweep angle to improve the rotor system's yaw responsiveness and stability and to reduce vibration and stress. To further improve wind turbine performance and rotor durability blades with the load-bearing function and airfoil function separated are disclosed and are particularly useful in rotor systems having compound coning or compound coning and sweepback. The load-bearing function and support function of the rotor hub are separated to improve rotor system durability and to provide a rotor hub for use with a pitch change mechanism for altering the pitch of rotor system blades.

Rotor system for horizontal axis wind turbines
Application Number
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September 15, 1982
Publication Date
August 6, 1985
David A Bassett
1708 Corwin Dr., Silver Spring, 20910
Bernard Rothwell & Brown
F03D 1/06
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