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A method and the apparatus for management information and control for restaurants is disclosed. The apparatus includes a plurality of remote units carried by waiters. The remote units are provided with a keyboard, a display and a memory. The remote units may simply be radio frequency transmitters capable of being interrogated, but are preferably radio transmitters and receivers. A central interrogator transceiver periodically interrogates each of the remote units after which the remote units transmit information back to the central interrogator transceiver. The central interrogator transceiver couples the information transmitted thereto to a central processor having a high speed memory therein. The central processor operates on the information received to provide order information to a kitchen display, an order assembly display, a service bar display, a table status display and to a check printer-cash register unit. The order information is also coupled to an inventory control unit for decrementing the various items in inventory by the quantity of items ordered by each customer. A number of computations are made such as the number of particular items ordered, the rate of turnover of customers, quantity of items in inventory, etc. which information is retrievable to give the restaurant management information with regard to the operational characteristics, for example, food flow of the restaurant.

Restaurant management information and control method and apparatus
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June 25, 1982
Publication Date
July 16, 1985
John A Dorr
Jim Zegeer
Xecutek Corporation
G06F 15/21
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