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A computer memory control capable of controlling a virtual memory system and optimized for handling multi-tasking or multi-processing systems is disclosed. In operation, each task or process is assigned a unique process number. The memory control circuitry which translates a virtual address produced by the system processor into a physical address suitable for memory access includes a unique translation buffer store each entry of which comprises a physical address, the usual tag bits and the process number of the process utilizing that address. During an address translation, buffer store entries are indexed using the virtual address used by the processor. In addition to the usual tag bit comparison to verify data validity, a comparison is made between the process number of the process presently running and the process number stored at the indexed buffer entry. The translation is considered successful only if both the tag bits and the process numbers match. With this arrangement each process is effectively assigned a unique address space in the translation buffer and translations reside in the buffer simultaneously for all running processes.

In order to prevent continual overwriting of the translation buffer entries when a plurality of short programs are running simultaneously, an offset number, uniquely associated with each process, is added to a portion of the virtual address prior to indexing the translation buffer store in order to physically separate the address space for each process from other address spaces which are simultaneously in the buffer.

Computer memory control
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May 25, 1982
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June 25, 1985
David A Cane
Wolf Greenfield & Sacks
Massachusetts Computer Corporation
G06F 13/00
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