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An improved functional attachment system for osteosynthesis by means of compression plates. The plates have straight or angled construction and a major axis for placement approximately parallel to the major axis of a bone. The plate defines holes in the areas of both ends; the holes are elongated in a direction approximately parallel to the plate's major axis and are adapted for receipt and passage of anchoring screws for attachment to a bone. Once the compression plate is attached to a fractured bone by means of anchoring screws passing through the holes, the screws can slide the length of the elongated holes such that muscular contraction will be converted into a compression at the bone fracture.

Functional attachment system for osteosynthesis by means of compression plates
Application Number
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December 9, 1982
Publication Date
June 25, 1985
Juan L de Zbikowski
Virgen de la Antigua, 10-1.sup.o, Sevilla
Wender Murase & White
A61F 5/04
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