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In a mass spectrometer, suitable for use in the determination of isotope ratios, having as a mass selector a sector magnet and detector means for detecting and measuring the intensity of ion beams at two or more positions in the focal plane of said sector magnet, the improvement comprises providing the exit (and optionally also the entrance) pole face of said sector magnet with a curvature such that the focal plane of said sector magnet lies substantially at right angles to the ion optical axis as it passes through said focal plane. With this arrangement, motion of detector means between positions in said focal plane by means of mechanical linkages controlled from outside the vacuum system of the mass spectrometer is facilitated.

Multiple collector mass spectrometers
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December 6, 1982
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June 18, 1985
David J Kay
9 Redwood Close Barmton, Northwich, Cheshire
Patrick J Turner
61 Altrincham Rd., Wilmslow, Cheshire
John S Cottrell
33 Banford Rd., Manchester M20 8QP
Bacon & Thomas
H01J 49/30
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