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A cover plate for an electrical receptacle outlet contains electrical circuits with flexible fingers which extend adjacent to the receptacle contacts such that the cover plate circuits are connected to the receptacle circuits by the prongs of a plug whenever a plug is inserted into the receptacle. The opposite end of the plate circuits extend into two cavities within the plate each of which can hold a matching module. Each module has flexible electrical contacts which press against each of the plate electrical circuits extensions to provide a connection from the receptacle circuit to the modules. The outer face of the cover plate adjacent to one of the modules has an opening to provide a path for either light or acoustic energy. The modules can contain any desired electrical circuits which can provide such functions as circuit protecting elements, pilot lights, alarm systems and detector systems as desired with no external wiring required.

Modular electrified cover plate
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
October 11, 1983
Publication Date
June 11, 1985
Richard H Johnson
3401 White Diamond, Prior Lake, 55372
Donald A Jacobson
H01R 19/46
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