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Methods and apparatus for transporting sheets from a stack advance each top sheet from the stack in turn to a first location and reject any adjacent sheet moving along with such top sheet from the stack. The advancing top sheet is driven at the first location away from the stack at a predetermined speed, which is preferably higher than the speed at which each sheet is advanced to the first location, whereby a delay may be realized between the time a given sheet leaves the first location and the time at which the next succeeding sheet is advanced at the first location. Each advanced top sheet is also engaged at a second location while such top sheet is still being driven at the first location until such top sheet has been driven past the first location. At that time, such engaged top sheet at the second location is accelerated away from the first location at a speed higher than the mentioned predetermined speed, so that successive sheets are positively separated from each other, preferably by intervening gaps, in the disclosed transporting systems.

Sheet feeder systems
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September 22, 1982
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June 11, 1985
Rafn Stefansson
San Marino
Benoit Law Corporation
Bell & Howell Company
B65H 3/52
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