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A compound bow with primary and secondary pulleys at the distal ends of the flexible limbs designed to reduce the draw force at the end of the draw. Pulley shape is designed to alter the force-draw curve to provide a flat plateau at the maximum draw which drops off again to the holding draw force. Draw length is controlled by curvature contour at segments of the secondary cable pulleys to achieve short, medium or long draw lengths with selective pulley segments which can be attached to a base primary pulley. A draw string pulley has a first perimetric section which is circular and a second connecting curved perimetric section which has a progressively decreasing radii from each end to the center with radii less than that of the first section. In some embodiments, three or four zones are provided. These zones can be created with add-on plates secured to a basic pulley.

Compound archery bow
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July 6, 1982
Publication Date
May 28, 1985
Larry D Miller
852 Dressler La., Rochester, 48063
Barnes Kisselle Raisch Choate Whittemore & Belknap
F41B 5/00
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