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An electrical lighting system for a tree especially adapted to an artificial Christmas tree having removable limbs. The system includes electrical conducting distribution straps or bands which may be wrapped around and secured to a tree trunk at selected levels. Each of the distribution bands has prong means and electric lead and plug means for interconnecting the bands along the tree trunk and a plurality of spaced apertures for insertion of male electrical plugs around each of the bands on the tree trunk. Also included are electrical branch circuits having a plurality of sockets and bulbs for mounting on each of the removable tree limbs, each of the circuits having a male plug connectible with the spaced apertures on the nearest distribution band for supplying electricity from the band to the branch circuit. After the bands and the branch circuits are installed on the tree trunk and removable tree limbs, the bands and branch circuits may remain on the trunk and limbs when the trunk and limbs are disassembled for storage purposes.

Lighting system for artificial Christmas tree
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April 16, 1984
Publication Date
May 7, 1985
James P Murphy
211 Executive Office Park, 4500 W. Illinois Ave., Midland, 79703
H Mathews Garland
F21P 1/02
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