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A process in which a shape memory alloy such as nitinol wire which has been previously fabricated in its parent phase to form a longitudinally oriented coil of adjacent wire loops and thereafter cooled to its martensite phase and reshaped to a relatively straight shape, is utilized as an intra-luminal device to reinforce or replace a weakened or otherwise damaged vessel. The reformable wire is inserted into the vessel in such a manner to be temperature insulated such that upon the removal of the insulation means, the wire reforms to its coil shape so as to be urged against the internal walls of the damaged vessel and supplies a patent channel through which body fluids may pass. In this manner, removal of the damaged portion of the vessel with the attachment of graft material as a replacement thereto along with the complex surgical techniques required to perform such is avoided.

Process for restoring patency to body vessels
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January 25, 1983
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April 23, 1985
Dhiraj M Shah
R.D. #1, Rte. 43, Rensselaer, 12144
Alexander B Balko
30 Red Barn La., East Greenwich, 02818
Robert J Doherty
A61B 19/00
A61M 29/00
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