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A muffle oven for the heating of foodstuffs has a closed housing with a treatment chamber separated by a perforated partition from an air-circulating compartment which forms rear and lateral air spaces surrounding that chamber on three sides. A radial blower, driven by an external motor located at an intermediate level in the rear air space, is bracketed by an upper and a lower baffle each having two aerodynamic deflecting surfaces converging at a flow-dividing edge which cause the air discharged by the blower to spread symmetrically into the lateral air spaces after passing two sets of heating elements. The flow-dividing edges of the two baffles are relatively offset and lie on opposite sides of a vertical axial plane of the rotor so as to point toward the rotor at locations where the flow of the discharged air is essentially vertical. The heated air, after entering the treatment chamber from the sides, is returned to an axial intake of the blower.

Muffle oven for heating foodstuffs
Application Number
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Application Date
February 27, 1984
Publication Date
April 23, 1985
Hartmut Stiegler
Herbert Dubno
Karl F Ross
Buderus Aktiengesellschaft
F24C 15/32
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