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A compound lever bow including oppositely extending rigid limbs each rotatably supporting lever mechanisms. A pair of flexible limbs are secured to the bow overlying respective rigid limbs. A bowstring is connected to each of the lever mechanisms. Also a separate force cable is connected between each terminal end of the flexible limbs and respective lever mechanisms. The lever mechanisms each are provided with a stop limiting rotation thereby preventing an over-center condition. The lever mechanisms include pulleys receiving a synchronizing cable evenly distributing pull forces on the bowstring to the ends of the rigid limbs. The bowstring connections, the force cable connections and the lever mechanism pivot points are placed to provide a second class lever mechanical advantage. Rotation of the lever mechanisms to place the cable connecting points and the lever mechanisms pivot points in a near straight position reduces the shooting-hold force to near zero. The magnitude of the shooting-hold force is variably regulated by adjustment of the stop.

Compound lever bow
Application Number
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Application Date
April 20, 1982
Publication Date
April 23, 1985
David W Jarrett
901 Sunset Dr., Lexington, 40502
Charles R Engle
F41B 5/00
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