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Non-organic substances are separated from household garbage and the organic substances are fed in proportioned manner into a mixing tank (5) and converted into slurry by adding liquid. The slurry is crushed for homogenization purposes in a crushing means (10, 11) and passed into a closed holding container (13). It is then fed over a heat exchanger (15) and heated to 55.degree. to 60.degree. C. The slurry passes into a plurality of reaction vessels (16) in which the methane gas and carbon dioxide are produced. In a separating plant (22), the mixture of gaseous products is broken down into its components and some of the methane gas is recycled by bubbling it through both the holding tank and the reaction tank, the remainder being stored in gasholders (23). The organic substances are degraded much more rapidly through increasing the degradation temperature and as a result constructional expenditure can be reduced.

Process for the utilization of household rubbish or garbage and other organic waste products for the production of methane gas
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August 4, 1982
Publication Date
April 16, 1985
Albert Schildknecht
Dorfstrasse 45, Oetwil a.d.Limmat
Martin Hunziker
Speerstrasse 50, Zurich
Weingarten Schurgin Gagnebin & Hayes
C12P 5/02
C02F 3/30
C02F 11/04
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