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An apparatus and method for treating for disposal organic waste material carried within a sludge, by adding to the sludge an alkali metal silicate and a setting agent, is disclosed. The apparatus includes several mixers, each having a trough with an input end and a discharge end, at least one rotatable shaft mounted longitudinally along the trough, a plurality of blades mounted to the shaft, and a drive for rotating the shaft. The sludge is deposited within a first mixer, and then directed from the mixer into a tank. A series of chopper pumps recirculate the sludge into the tank, and alternatively, the sludge may be passed through an additional mixer. Leaving the tank, the sludge is directed into a second mixer at its input end. Water is introduced at the input end, and a setting agent is added along the trough at a point adjacent the input end. Further along the trough, an alkali metal silicate is introduced. The mixture is recovered from the second mixer, and carried to a remote location for setting.

Method for treating liquid and semi-solid organic waste materials
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August 12, 1983
Publication Date
April 9, 1985
David L Donaldson
New Orleans
Biebel French & Nauman
Chemfix Technologies
B02C 23/20
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