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An adjustable cultivator tool holder for attachment to, and use with a multi-row cultivator system, is disclosed. An elongated tool bar is attached to a tractor and carries a plurality of adjustable cultivator tool holders. Each such tool holder, in turn, supports cultivating tools such as plows. The spacing of the plows, with respect to each other, in response to crop row spacing, is accomplished by sliding tool carrying collars or sleeves along frame arms which carry the sleeves. These sleeves can be secured in a desired position by the use of quick change pins or the like. Each tool carrying sleeve and its tool can be completely removed from the tool holder and moved to another frame arm, if desired, to maximize tool wear. A number of different cultivator tools can be secured to the adjustable cultivator tool holder in accordance with the disclosed invention.

Adjustable cultivator tool holder
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August 9, 1983
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April 9, 1985
Louis E Adams
U.S. Rte. 1, Box 59E, Leary, 31762
Jones Tullar & Cooper
A01B 65/02
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