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The invention comprises an antenna capable of effective operation at a number of different frequencies, not necessarily harmonically related, that may be separated in frequency by as little as twenty-five percent. The elements of the antenna are decoupled by loaded coaxial chokes that form part of the active portion of the antenna at the resonant frequency of the chokes. The chokes are loaded with a solid dielectric insert dimensioned so that the inner surface of the shell of the choke and the outer surface of the conductor extending through the choke form a quarter wave shorted transmission line to produce an infinite impedance at the open end of the choke. The chokes may be arranged in series, parallel or series-parallel configurations.

Multi-frequency antenna employing tuned sleeve chokes
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
November 24, 1982
Publication Date
April 2, 1985
George Ploussios
4 Hackney Cir., Andover, 01810
H01Q 9/40
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