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A transluminally placed endovascular graft prosthesis includes a helically wound coil having a generally tubular shape and is made of a shape memory Nitinol alloy having a transition temperature in the range of 115.degree.-125.degree. F. After placement within a body blood vessel and upon heating of the prosthesis to its transition temperature, the prosthesis expands so as to become firmly anchored to the inside wall of the body blood vessel. After expansion the diameter of the lumen of the prosthesis is approximately equal to the diameter of the body blood vessel passageway. The prosthesis may also be used in other body passageways.

Transluminally placed expandable graft prosthesis
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March 3, 1983
Publication Date
March 12, 1985
Charles T Dotter
4004 SW. Greenleaf Dr., Portland, 97221
Woodard Weikart Emhardt & Naughton
A61B 17/00
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A61F 1/00
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