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The present invention provides a method and apparatus for preparing the distal surface of a femur to receive a distal femoral prosthesis employing an alignment guide which is used to externally locate the central long axis of the femur based upon certain external reference points on the distal femur. The alignment guide is composed of a main body, a pivotable resection guide instrument holder, a locator pin, at least one femoral surface modifying instrument which cooperatively engages with the holder and a means such as a clamp for affixing the main body to the femur to accomplish the shaping of the distal femoral surface. The central long axis of the main body is brought into alignment with the central long axis of the femur through the use of a locator pin. The pivotable instrument holder holds resection guide instruments at a preselected angle with respect to the main body such that the shaping instruments fixed thereto assume the proper alignment with respect to the central long axis of the femur such that the distal femoral surface is shaped relative to that axis in a simple and accurate manner.

Method and apparatus for shaping a distal femoral surface
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March 9, 1983
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March 5, 1985
James A Lacey
Winter Park
Richard E Rakoczy
Dow Corning Corporation
A61F 5/04
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