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An endotracheal complex for insertion into the trachea of a patient, and wherein the trachea branches through the carina trachea distally into two bronchi, includes a tube which has a distal blunt and atraumatically shaped tip so as to restrain passage of the tip beyond the carina tracheae into the bronchi and to serve as an internal palpator to identify an anatomical reference point, and an inflatable cuff near the tip for preventing any air or air component other than oxygen emanating from the source of oxygen to pass to the bronchi. A removable introducer is disposed in the tube and has a bevelled end portion to facilitate insertion of the tube through the larynx into the trachea. After the endotracheal tube is inserted into the trachea of a patient, the bevelled end portion is removed by pulling on the introducer tube or stylet. The bevelled end portion collapses off the blunt end of the endotracheal tube and can be pulled through the endotracheal tube to be removed and discarded. The remaining blunt end of the endotracheal tube, from which oxygen is fed to the patient, is so designed so that it will slip past the carina trachea into either bronchus of the patient. There is also provided a suction tube which fits into the endotracheal tube and which has a distinct curve at its distal end as it emerges from the blunt end of the endotracheal tube so that it can be easily directed to slide down the left or right bronchus of the patient in order to aspirate fluids from the lung.

Endotracheal tube complex
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August 11, 1983
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March 5, 1985
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