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In a process for mixing and proportioning a plurality of mixing components, the latter are supplied in individually weighed manner to a continuous mixing process and the mixture is subsequently continuously removed in a proportioned manner. For this purpose, a mixer, metering feed means positioned upstream of the mixer and a continuously proportioning removal device positioned downstream of the mixer are provided. In order to ensure a troublefree addition and an accurately proportioned removal, the individual mixing components are in each case successively supplied in timed continuous manner to the mixing process, accompanied by the weighing of the total mixing material. During the feed pauses, the mixture is gravimetrically controlled and during addition is removed in volumetrically controlled manner. For this purpose the mixer, together with the removal device, is arranged on a weighing machine and the feed means and removal device are controlled by the weighing machine by means of a regulating and control device.

Process for mixing and proportioning several mixing components
Application Number
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September 23, 1982
Publication Date
February 12, 1985
Joachim Rudolph
Weil der Stadt
Laff Whitesel Conte & Saret
Werner & Pfleiderer
B01F 15/02
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