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A resonant tag circuit having at least one resonant frequency is operative in an electronic security system in which the tag circuit is sensed and electronically deactivated to destroy the resonant characteristics of the tag circuit at the detection frequency. The tag circuit is electronically deactivated by a breakdown mechanism operative within the resonant structure of the tag to cause vaporization of a conductive area or short-circuiting of capacitor plates to destroy the resonant properties of the circuit. A deactivator provides electromagnetic energy at a resonant frequency of the tag circuit of sufficient energy to cause electrical breakdown and deactivation of the tag circuit.

Resonant tag and deactivator for use in an electronic security system
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
May 10, 1982
Publication Date
February 5, 1985
George J Lichtblau
13 Tannery Hill Rd., Ridgefield, 06877
Weingarten Schurgin Gagnebin & Hayes
G08B 13/24
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