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A hybrid integrated circuit component for insertion in a slit of a mother printed circuit board, and a method of mounting the hybrid integrated circuit component. The circuit component includes a flexible circuit board composed of a flexible insulated substrate, a circuit conductor formed on one side of the substrate, and a pair of conductor layers formed along opposite sides of the substrate to serve as external connection terminals. Circuit elements are mounted on the substrate and electrically connected to the circuit conductor. A pair of hard supporting plates are cemented on the other surface and at the opposite sides of the substrate so that the flexible circuit board can be folded at a center bending portion of the substrate so that the supporting plates face each other and so that the connection terminals are arranged close to each other when the substrate is folded and so that the substrate at its bending portion, when folded, has a sufficient spring characteristic for ensuring contact between the slit of the mother printed circuit board and each of the connection terminals, when the connection terminals are inserted into the slit of the mother printed circuit board.

Hybrid integrated circuit component and printed circuit board mounting said component
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May 13, 1982
Publication Date
January 22, 1985
Tatsuro Kikuchi
Tsuneshi Nakamura
Wenderoth Lind & Ponack
Matsushita Electric Industrial
H05K 3/40
H05K 1/14
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